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Sexual Energy Mastery For Men 

Week 1: Becoming friends with your sexual self

“Patient with both friends and enemies, you accord with the way things are. Compassionate toward yourself, you reconcile all beings in the world.” 

Tao Te Ching

Natural Meditation

Golden Sun Qi Gung

This weeks Homework

5-20 minute lingum massage practice, laying on the back

Lay on your back, with one hand on your Lingum and one on your heart. After 5 minutes explore pleasure in any or all parts of the body with the hands for a further 10 minutes remaining as relaxed as possible, and aim to stay back from over-heating and therefore ejaculation. For the final 5 minutes return your body to stilness and relaxation, enjoying the energetric hum of sexual energy within you.


You may also wish to Experiment with various techniques, such as ..

Follow you bliss/pleasure, 

Start in relaxation, 

Cup yourself and smile to your organs,

1-10 controlling your thermostat, not more than 8,

Return to relaxation at the end and enjoy the afterglow.

In this practice, you may find that each day is completely different, some days you may naturally become very aroused and experience more heat and Yang energy (expanding outwards) . Other days your energy will be cooler, much more Yin (drawing you inwards) and therefore you may not experience any physical arousal.

Each day meet yourself and your Lingum as you are, with love, with compassion and acceptance, keeping an attitude of playfulness and exploration.

Some days, your mind may be busy, and other days it may become naturally peaceful and calm. Be patient with yourself, kind with yourself and just gently keep coming back to the pleasure practice.

Here is the playlist I use for my own practcies 

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