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Sexual Energy Mastery For Men 

Week 7: Exercises 

"They who controll others may be powerful, but those who have mastered themselves are mightier still." - Lao Tzu

This weeks Homework

S*xual Energy Qi Gung

Se*ual Energy Meditation for Subtle body awareness 

1. Sit in a relaxed manner

2. Mindful Self massage for 10 mins not going above 5

3. 10 mins raise energy if desired, then relax back to cool zone

4. Be still & absorb energy for as long as you want

Opening the energy body meditation

1. Perenium crunches

2. Self massage

3. Breath Up central column to each dantien

4. Open the 3 pumps (rocking mossion)

5. Mocrocosmic orbit

6 Dantien meditation

Try and avoid making any of your practcies too mechanistic, try to keep them pleasurable. If you feel good during and after the practcie you are starting to master your own natural way.

Here is the playlist I use for my own practcies 

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