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Tue, 04 Jun



Energy Work for Men June 2024


Energy Work for Men June 2024
Energy Work for Men June 2024

Time & Location

04 Jun 2024, 19:00


About the event

This new monthly support group for men, wanting support in understanding how to master their own sexual energy, starts towards the end of April.

Brothers join my work for many different reasons.

  • Alchemising the spiritual and the sexual.
  • Becoming more present in relationships
  • Understanding sacred masculinity
  • Overcoming porn addiction
  • Working with erectile dis-function
  • Working with lack of sensitivity, or too much sensitivity in the pe**s
  • Learning predominantly Taoist techniques for cultivating and transmuting sexual energy, to become healthier, happier, and more enlightened individuals 

During these monthly calls, you’ll be learning.

  • Sexual energy cultivation meditations.
  • Specific Qi Gung techniques
  • Receiving recorded homestudy to support you in your journey.
  • Feeling the warmth and support of other brothers, as we walk this healing pathway together.
  • Lessons and direction from myself, having walked this pathway for nearly 30 years 

If you’re interested in joining us comment below, or send me a DM and I’ll be happy to give you more information.

This new programme is a blend of my 30 years of experience in the fields of Taoist and Yogic Tantra, Qi Gung, Counselling, NLP, Tai Chi, Energy work and Psychology. Having spent time in the Far East and trained by leading thinkers and coaches in the West I have a deep understanding of how to integrate Eastern Philosophy with Western Psychology to assist you to maximise your own life.

Se*ual energy and working with it in a conscious way is an essential part of spiritual practice for many of us.

For a long time, se*ual energy has been kept in the shadows, both in society, and even more so in the arena of religion and spirituality

However, in a few of the ancient traditions of Tantric Taoism and Yoga, a small flame was kept burning. Tantric traditions noticed that se*ual energy cultivated and used appropriately, enhanced our experience of living, and was seen as a necessary spoke on the wheel of living a powerful life.

When we bring se*ual energy out of the shadows, we literally bring it into the light.

During this course you will get a chance to explore this sacred energy within your own being.

I will introduce you to powerful Tantric meditation, Yoga, Qi Gung and solo practices so that you can experience this incredible energy in the laboratory of your own being.

Over the 8 week course I will guide you through how to use various practices to work with this energy more consciously, and how to use it to positively change all areas of your life in a positive way.

Whether you’re celibate or not, in a relationship or single, this course will give you tools and new skills sets which I have found effective over the last 30 years of studying this pathway.

This is an online course and will be conducted on Zoom. There will be a mix of practices, teaching and Q and A. Any self practice will either be offered as homework or done during the break off the zoom session. In this course there is no nudity or intimate group practice. Cultivating se*ual energy appropriately, on the physical level will give you more confidence, presence and self control.

When working with energy consciously, you will learn how to refine and transmute this energy to create a more incredible life. Opening up areas of your potential and your consciousness which have been laying dormant and unavailable to you before hand.

​DM me now to book a call to see if this course is right for you.


  • Energy Mastery Course

    Join a group of upto 10 other men on Zoom for 8 consecutive weeks from Thursday 2nd February 2023

  • 1-1 Energy Mastery Training

    This is the same course but offered over 8 weeka on a 1-1 basis

  • Male Energy Mastery

    +£15.00 service fee



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