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Sexual Energy Mastery For Men 

Week 2: Homework

For this and future weeks practices I would recommend getting wither a Zafu meditation Cushion or back jack meditation chair. Also you will need massage oil for the practices.

Golden Sun Qi Gung (Optional)

Sexual Energy Practices:

15 minutes oilnmassage meditation

5 minute meditation (Dantien)

Energy Practices

Today’s exercise is broken down into 2 simple components.

1. 15 Minute Lingham Oil Massage

2. 5 minute stilness meditation

Remember to keep this practice simple, that this is an oil massage for the Lingham. As before just follow your pleasure for 15 minutes. 


I would advise doing this practice in a meditation posture, with the spine gently straight . I like to use organic olive oil for this pleasure meditation.

Here is the playlist I use for my own practcies 

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