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Sexual Energy Mastery For Men 

Week 8: Exercises 

"The Journey is the destination" Zen Proverb

Morning Meditation Instructional

This weeks energy meditation is and nice Yin/gentle practice which is ideal to open up your energy system for the day ahead. I like to do this sat in bed in the morning just before getting up.

This weeks Homework

S*xual Energy Qi Gung

Morning Energy Meditation 5 - 10 minutes

1a Optional : Self massage

1. Draw Chi Up and Down the central channel to the 3 Dantiens and then Crown

2. Rock Body / Circle Chi to the 3 Dantiens, then full orbit

3. Full Microcosimc Orbit meditation from base to crown

4. Be still & absorb energy 

Again remember to avoid making any of your practcies to mechanistic, try to keep them pleasurable. If you feel good during and after the practcie you are starting to master your own way.

Enjoy !

Here is the playlist I use for my own practcies 

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