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Apr 18, 2024 - Sep 26, 2024

Energy Masters Community

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Starting Thursday 18th April 2024, this new community is for men who have attended the 8 week Energy Mastery Training, who want support in how to deepen into these practices. This community will be a mixture of a once a month live meetings and group practices. A Private WhatsApp group for check-ins, shared experiences and regular support and communication with me. There is currently an Early Bird joining offer of £20 Per Month During this training we will revisit some of your existing practices, as well as learning how to move into the more subtle realms of Chi energy and exploring new Qi Gung forms and meditations. As before these practices can continue to help you explore topics such as 🔥Alchemising the spiritual and the sexual. 🔥Becoming more present in relationships 🔥Understanding sacred masculinity 🔥Overcoming porn addiction 🔥Working with erectile dis-function 🔥Working with lack of sensitivity, or too much sensitivity in the pe**s 🔥Learning predominantly techniques for cultivating and transmuting sexual energy to become healthier, happier, and more enlightened individuals During these monthly get togethers, you’ll be learning: ☯️ Sexual energy cultivation meditations. ☯️ Qi Gung techniques ☯️ Receiving recorded homestudy to support you in your journey. ☯️ Feeling the warmth and support of other brothers, as we walk this healing pathway together. ☯️ Lessons and direction from myself, This is a 6 month programme running April - September 2024

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Monthly Mens Group, £20.00/month


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