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I’m offering Zen Tarrot & Soul readings

I just got back from another transformative weekend learning to give soul readings.

The spooky thing about it is that about a weeks ago I decided I’d love to start to use some kind of tarrot deck. The only one I felt connected to was one I had seen my partner using called Osho Zen Tarrot.

So I set off to the High St to buy some, I was slightly dismayed but not overly concerned as I had heard that it is good luck to be given Tarrot decks instead of buying them, if you are to use them as a form of service to others.

To my dismay no shops had them, so I walked back to my home to tun to the manifesting porthole .. Amazon.

It was then that I bumped into my parter who was out for a walk with our amazing friend Steph, after enquiring as to what I was up to. Steph being the beautiful soul that she is, told me that she had decided the night before to start giving away things she no longer used.

And as you may have imagined, one of those things was an Osho Zen Tarrot deck which she was happy to give to me and that you see me holding in the image above.

The other strange thing was that I received an email from the soul reading course I was about to start asking us to bring ‘Osho Zen Tarrot cards’ as part of the course.

The course was amazing I couldn’t believe the downloads, images and inner knowings I was receiving whilst doing the readings and how accurate they where to the people receiving them.

I’m getting clearer that we all have this gift, all of us, but many like myself, can’t access them because we just don’t believe in ourselves and so live a life of helplessness in a negative energetic vibration.

I feel like based on my own life experiences so far and having gone through depression, self hatred and failure for long periods of time. That grace, beauty and success are naturally available for anyone.

Anyone that is, who dedicates themselves to raising their physical and emotional vibration consistently and to stilling their mind.

When we live in a space of awe and wonder at life, life seems to give us more reasons to experience that.

It has taken and continues to take effort to break free of the con-ditioned self with its fears and neurosis, and it’s thinking that it already knows.

But the effort to meditate, to find positivity and even joy in life, to dedicate myself to raising my vibration seems to not only have a positive effect on my own life, but makes me more loving and better to be around for others too.

I hope you can find some peace, hapiness and beauty in your own life today and from that space attract some miracles of your own.

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