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Your life is a unique puzzle for you to solve

Einstein is reputed to have said that you can’t solve a problem with the same mind that created it.

In the world of metaphysics this means we have a karmic body and a soul body, a conditioned self and an unconditioned self, a human nature and a Buddha nature.

One is unconsciously and constantly reacting to life, it seems to be caught in what may be an endless cycle of action and reaction (Karma).

In this way Einstein’s observation is incredibly deep, and leaves us with 2 options, the first is to try and forcibly change/challenge the workings of the mind and requires much diligence and effort.

The second is the way of the mystics, the realisation that firstly there is a nature of stillness behind the mind, whether we call this no self, true self, Buddha nature or stillness, it’s enough to silently notice it.

However as the great Advaita master Nigsagadatta Maharaj stated ‘stillness isn’t it, but it is the doorway.’

Or as Ram Dass stated “the more silent we become the more we can hear.”

For me increasingly that silence leads to a deep an absolute surrender to life in which every moment can become our practice, our teacher.

There is a famous teaching of Muslim/Hindu saint Shirdi Sai Baba in which he is visiting someone’s home for some dinner.

But before he gets there the family cat jumps on the table and starts eating the food. The person who prepared the food for the Saint sees this and screems at the cat chasing it away with a stick.

A few minutes later the Saint arrives at the door, the host invites him in and then invites him over to the table to share in some food.

Shirdi Sai Baba responds “no I don’t want that food as when I jumped on the table to eat it a few minutes ago you chased me away with a stick.”

When we realise that event moment is divine, that as Christ said “whatever you do to the least among you, you do unto me.”

Every interaction, every moment is an opportunity to see the path, to listen deeply for your unique inner promptings from that place of stillness, and to build a trust in what comes to you today and to learn to meet it with wisdom and compassion.

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