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Windows to God

My partner bought this beautiful Chinese cup for me this Christmas, I’m sat here this morning listening to the naked beauty of the bird song outside my window, sipping on my Jasmin tea and life seems so beautiful and in order.

I like the feast days like Christmas, I’m just contemplating how both feast and moderation, celebration and silence make up the way of the spiritual life.

And I become aware to how that is reflected in life, a time for everything.

Last night I had so many lucid dreams, this is unusual for me as usually it’s lights out, and deep sleep, some occasional snoring apparently, untill the following day.

But last night was so incredible, I re-visited so many past scenes from my life in my dream, times when things where going well and times when they weren’t. Times of financial security and times when there wasn’t any.

But in the reliving of these moments, I saw this presence of divinity and light was taking care of it all, through the feast and the famine and all I needed to do was keep tuning into it.

I experience this morning that buried beneath all our to do lists, our hopes for the future, our worries about the past is this supreme stillness. A stillness containing all the wisdom and love we can imagine.

And more than that, this supreme stillness seams to want to take care of us if we would just let it.

Images of Buddha & Christ, our own sense of self, the stillness of a winters morning, these are all doorways into this beyond.

Open windows to the divine.

An invitation to let go again and listen to that still calm voice within us and the promptings of joy in our hearts.

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