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What is it to be a friend?

What is it to be a friend?

I love to explore the route meanings of words as they where often prepared with great wisdom and thought.

For example the word friend simply means ‘to love’ and the word enemy means someone who is not a friend, therefore it’s original meaning is someone who we don’t love.

I notice that most days my enemy, the person who I don’t love is me and the more my enemy is me the more I perceive a world full of unlovable people.

I also notice that the more I love and therefore extend friendship towards myself the more at peace I am, and the more at peace I am the more friendly I am towards other people.

Lau Tzu noticed this saying that “when I make peace with myself I reconcile all other beings.”

Christ saw it too saying “extend love to those around you in the same way you extend love towards yourself.”

Unfortunately many took this literally and did just that, therefore hating and persecuting those around them as this is the way they silently did it to themselves, mistaking that for love.

Today makes friends with yourself as you are, truly I think that’s the only practise in each moment that we need to do.

To remain in that presence of love, for the sake of love, I think this allows us to remain as who and what we already are.

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