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I really love life, I love having my morning bulletproof cofee with coconut oil, I love the taste of cake, I love money showing up and I love laughing uncontrollably at something with my beautiful partner.

But also things don’t always go well, sometimes the money isn’t there, sometimes I’m tired and grumpy, sometimes I’m lost and unsure of the way, I don’t want to get out of bed in the morning or don’t feel I have the alignment I feel I need to teach a class or to meditate.

If we think the sunshine will always be there we will curse the rain, if we think the rain is enteral we may get lost in hopelessness.

As we discover that we are both in the world but at the same time not of it, we find our home in 2 dimensions .. inner and outer, transcendental and imminent.

This dance of inner and outer of withdrawing and expanding make up the breath of life for me.

When some uncertainty comes and I can’t find the expression of heaven in this world of phenomena, I come back to the biblical teaching “when you only have God, you have everything.”

Sometimes when the world can’t give us that happiness we are searching for it can be the greatest blessing as it forces us to let go. And in that letting go to turn inside and see that light of pure being, that bliss which isn’t dependant on outer circumstances which is at the core of our own nature.

I often seem to need some uncertainty, some minor suffering to help remind me of this, that there is a great happiness and bliss we carry around within us, which isn’t dependant on my word being this way or that way.

That we have never left heaven, we only ‘think’ that we have and so there lies the problem.

This is the beauty of practice, for a mindfulness practitioner they come back to the home of the breath, to a devotional practitioner we come home to the internal mantra.

Points of awareness which set us free from the storm of our own minds creation.

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