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Waken up yourself

Everyday we play a game of self and universal definition and most of us play it badly.

Playing it badly means we cast spells with our mind that bring suffering and unhappiness into our own life’s and into the world in general.

Spells of unworthiness, I am bad, they are bad, life doesn’t work for me, I should be a better something or another.

Most people will live out these lives of unconscious self definition, being defined by how other people have programmed the way they think about themselves, reinforcing their own traumas and projecting those traumas out onto the world around them.

But as we meditate we start to see ..

“Oh I’m not my thoughts, they are just happening to me!”

For a while many of us after this realisation reject our mind completely, just wanting to dwell in the meditative space and stillness behind it, hopping that one day our mind will just go away.

Mine never did, instead it became obvious (and this is still a work in progress) that we are not here to get rid of our mind, but to realise and use it to remind ourselves that we are actually not ‘little me’ but are divine and beautiful beings.

That the mind and emotional/energy body are their to reflect our one divinity back to us and out into the world, that it shouldn’t suit us to “hide our light under a bushel,” but to learn to stand strong in it.

That mind and energy body can be tools of the fearful egoic nature and cause suffering.

Or they can become reflective of our souls joyful wisdom, creativity & light and creat happiness.

You can start by sitting still and witnessing your thoughts and emotions, and realise that if you are watching them, they are not who you are and therefore only you are allowing yourself to be defined by them.

As you start to awaken to this understanding, learn to start to think more consciously.

This means learn how to take control of your thinking, think thoughts such as .. I can do this, I am worthy, I am divine, I am the way and the light. Define yourself, proclaim your own divinity, start with the words ..

I am and watch life start or change around by itself.

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