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Unifying with love

Life presents us so many opportunities to reconcile ourselves back into our own fullness each day.

A beautiful sunrise, the taste of our morning tea, the person being rude to us, our own self hatred, our pain and self rejection, a butterfly landing on our heart, a traffic jam, all these come as if to say “can you find love/peace/happiness here too?”.

When life gives us the chance of reconciliation she comes wearing many disguises, asking us “can you find love within yourself in relationship to this.” Can you love me in my pain and my pleasure, in my abundance and my scarcity, in my acceptance and my rejection?

Each moment a new expression of life, a new opportunity to heal, to embrace or reject the is-ness, to fall gently into our heart or run away, back into our head.

To heal, to create oneness with the iss-ness, or further our own separation to it.

Life comes to us in so many disguises, some painful and some beautiful, and all to help us look within, to clear out our heart and to unify ourselves back into loves presence within our own being.

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