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Understanding the chakras: Bringing heaven to earth

I am ...

In the chakra system of India and the Dantien system of China the first manifestation of the emptiness of divinity at the crown (the peace that transcends understanding) is the mind, called Shen in Taoism.

It is therefore the first place of manifestation and becomes truly empowered when linked to the stillness (alter of god) at the crown.

Our thoughts define us, they motivate positive and negative actions and self belief, so we can see how powerful they are in the physical realm.

They add expression (Te) to the mind with the phrase I am, you are, this is.

If not connected the soul this expression is usually troublesome and unconscious .. I am bad, unworthy, they are bad, this is evil etc

When thinking is connected to consciousness it becomes empowered and casts spells of beauty and unity;

I am worthy, divine.. etc as are ‘they’

To sit at the alter of silence is a good start, but to bring consciousness and light into our thinking, emotional energy field (central chakras) and actions (lower chakras) is how we manifest heaven on earth both for ourselves and for others.

It starts with silence, then to self definition and finally to inspired action.

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