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The sun on your face, the rain on your skin

Some days, months or even years for me can seem like an eternal sunshine, I’m in flow, things just fall into place. Perhaps you have these times too where you are surrounded by joy, it feels like you have cracked it, have found the key to an endlessly problem free life.

A student once asked my master “I want this unshakable peace that you seem to have in this life time.” He responded “OK, I bless you with many problems.”

To cut a long story short, the student changed his mind about wanting unshakable peace 😂.

My experience is that this world is a inescapable play of duality, of highs and lows and the more we try and fight against this the more discomfort we start to experience.

This doesn’t mean however that we can’t find heaven and hapiness here, more that we are looking in all the wrong places in how to achieve that.

I used to love summer so much, BBQ’s, beer gardens with friends, I used to love it so much that I started to develop seasonal affective disorder. The dark clouds of autumn would literally form in my being as the cold winds appeared and winter loomed on the horizon.

The more attached we become to something which changes the more we suffer when it changes.

This is why the mystics say “don’t build up your treasure on earth (the play of duality) find the value in the changeless and value that.”

The changeless has been giving so many names; Tao, Buddha Nature, God, Pure consciousness but all of these names only points to something we have to experience for ourselves consistently.

The more we place the routes of our being in the changeless, the more we bear different fruits in life, we become calmer, wiser, more peaceful and compassionate.

In the heart of stillness we can pause and feel the sacredness of the sun shining on our face and the cold rain falling on our skin, we find joy in both rest and action in both receiving and letting go.

It all becomes part of the same play, we have finally stored up our treasure in heaven.

We finally see the game, so we let go and become free.

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