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The meeting place between heaven and earth

After another truly nourishing weekend on shamanic retreat I have decided to take some of the day off work, to integrate some of the insights

Today more than that, I seem to be having the best holy-day ever .. the opportunity to have

a day off from being ‘me!’

As I’m sat here in my garden there is a sense of the beauty of autumn and winter, how autumn finds its expression in the letting go of everything. Which in turn leads to the sacred season of winter where we have placed the deeply sacred celebrations of Christ - Mass & Yule.

Perhaps subconsciously we have been aware for millennia of the sacredness of that which emerges from the absolute letting go demonstrated by winter.

Having this ‘me’ holiday today is really beautiful, it seems in this state of being that this body was created so that life could experience itself.

That the clouds are looking at themselves through these eyes, that the breeze can feel itself on this skin.

From past experience, it seems that this selflessness, this freedom from self doesn’t last, as slowly the emotional and mental bodies become louder again.

But what does last is the sill point at the centre of the storms and the sunshine’s of our earthly existence, and this is why we practice daily, so that through it all we can learn to come back to that centre of stillness.

In the ancient mystical traditions of the East there are 2 psychological practices for this, 2 yoga’s.

1. ‘Bhakti Yoga’ meaning devotional yoga .. the focusing of the mind onto a signal idea of God/truth/Buddha, predominantly through mantra.

2. Janana Yoga meaning introspection.. the focusing of the mind onto its own processing.

Both of these practices eventually and sometimes instantly lead to transcendence, as Christ descdirbes it; “the peace that passes all understanding.”

A peace that it seems is a meeting place between the individual and the universal, as the Dalaia Lama describes it in the film Kundun; “The reflection of the moon on the water.”

Slowly in this awareness we lose our addiction to the drama of life, we become more entrenched in that still centre, the meeting place between soul and body, heaven and earth.

And we realise that a part of us has never left home.

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