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The medicine of love

Our minds desire for peace always ends in war because our mind is dualistic so stands to be against the ‘other.’

The minds medicine is to be at war with, to hate, to stand against, to fight and to destroy its perceived opponent, and in that destruction it believes it will finally be free of it’s own neurosis and anxiety.

But the souls medicine is different, the soul has lost sight of the other, it only sees the perfect reflection of itself in the heart of all beings and wishes to awaken that part, and to do so through true seing and love.

In this way our soul forgives all our trespasses and those who trespass against us.

It’s medicine is love, only love, it knows that love is the only antidote to hatred, and the healing force of true awakening.

When we choose love we are at one with the will of the father/mother/universe/Tao.

In that moment we become the medicine of our collective and individual emancipation.

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