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Yin Yang: The dance of light and shadow

Without the light we can’t explore our darkness fully and without the darkness we may struggle to understand and integrate our light.

So much duality at the moment, people exploring their shadows rejecting those who are exploring their light.

So many people exploring their light, scared of the darkness of those exploring their shadows.

But it‘s all good, there are so many dimensions, so many valleys and so many mountain tops on the path of awakening.

I don’t think we always need to pick a side but instead see it as all part of the same game.

The words Yin & Yang have been translated as ‘the Dark side of the mountain and the Light side of the mountain.’

The same mountain.

My light helps me see and heal my darkness and go deeper into it, my darkness once embraced frees me from the illusion of spiritual perfection, shame and fear, and so creates humour and humility in me.

In the words of Rumi:

“Both light and shadow make the dance of love.”

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