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The birth of the true Christ

According to the great mystics Christ was never born and never died, as Christ described it himself, is the Eternal Way (Tao), he is the principle of life itself, the light and life.

However it is believed in the east that the darkness (unconsciousness) is so heavy in this dimension, that this formless consciousness takes on a human form for age to age to assist us in the collective evolution of humanity.

As humans this creates both a solution and a problem, the solution is that now we have as they say in Zen ‘a finger pointing at the moon,’ saying “look at the truth.”

But then the problem arises … we all start obsessing about the finger pointing instead of the moon it’s pointing to.

So we fall out, we say that this is the only true finger, or the last finger to ever point, or the biggest most perfect finger ever to be born.

But the mystics see these avatars of the universal consciousness differently, they say that ultimately they are inviting us to realise our own inner Christ, our own Buddha nature, our own true identity.

To see this nature is to be born again of the light, of peace, of the way (Tao), of Love.

The trinity of Christianity gives one of the most profound understanding of this great and divine spirit.

The Son: In the Native American traditions this is sometimes called the child or daughter and it actually means ‘us’ that we are that consciousness.

The Father: This means the creator, which we can commune with through our own higher consciousness.

The Holy Spirit: This means the omnipresent pure consciousness flowing though all of life Tao.

In a nutshell it means everything, that God is everything.. the wave, the ocean and the water itself.

Let today be the true birth of Christ within us, our own Buddha nature, the birth of love in our heart, the birth of the peace that transcends all understanding in our mind and being.

As the universal consciousness reminded us, in what it describes as it’s highest teaching of alignment on the Mount of Olives.

“Love divinity with your whole heart, and with your whole soul, and with your whole mind. ... And the second recommendation is this: Love those around you today knowing there is no separation between you and them. On these two commandments is the whole law of the prophets.”

Have a beauty day filled with Christs presence as love, peace, beauty and Joy.

More posts like this each day on my Soul Sangha page, come and join us.

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