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Symbiosis : Becoming one with all things

Just as my mind became calm the sun shone through the clouds and onto my body in my morning meditation today, this actually happens often, showing me yet again the Symbiology of life.

There is a part of me which is free of the drama of my own mind, this part is a able to feel compassion, has a wisdom to it, even some form of mysterious psychic capacity which I don’t yet understand. And then there is a part of me caught in the currents of emotion and thought, my every day consciousness, eternally caught in its own drama.

Each time I become free of this mind I see that in this state of being is our potential for unity and reconciliation as a species, I see that the Zen masters where right that “there can only be world peace when we know inner peace.”

To have peace on earth first we have to have, to master, peace within ourselves.

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