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Soul thoughts

What a great day yesterday was, the almost effortless manifestation of an idea that arose in the deep silence of meditation a month ago, finding its effortless expression into the world just a few weeks later.

Because meditation as a practice deals primarily with silencing the mind meaning internal chatter, we might assume that we are meant to walk round like a zombie with no thinking at all.

But actually it’s the opposite to some extent, it actually empowers our thoughts.

We have thousands of meaningless, unconscious thoughts each day, a swirling noise of static in the mind. And most of these thoughts arise from internal tension, I call this mental di-stress.

Fearful memories, thoughts of hatred, thoughts of division, thoughts of superiority and thoughts of inferiority, negative fantasies about the future, ourselves, others .. in essence thoughts that have their foundation in confusion, lack of connection to our true nature, thoughts that are based on the survival mechanism of the egoic self.

In essence meditation silences those thoughts, like weeding a beautiful garden.

When we do this, we create a spaciousness inside of ourselves for the arising of thoughts inspired by our own soul, our own divinity.

This type of thinking has been called in-sight meditation by Buddhists, revelation by Christians and I like to call them inspiration meaning in-spirit.

Where as egoic thoughts have their foundation in fear, confusion and hatred, inspired thoughts have their foundation in love, creativity and thinking outside of the box.

Where as egoic thoughts seem to creat more confused thinking, soul thoughts are complete to themselves and often invite joyful action.

Where egoic thoughts ask us to find motivation, soul thoughts create motivation.

So in learning to silence the mind we start to know our authentic self, in silence we leave a space for who we truly are to make itself known.

There is an authentic way of being in this word, free of dogma, free of rules and regulations, a way of absolute freedom and spontaneity a way of living at one with Tao.

No one can teach you how to be your authentic self in this way but luckily peace, joyfulness and positivity have been gifted you like a compass to help you find your way home.

Positive energy is the reflection in which I believe you find your authenticity, an energy that guides you into service in the world.

This is why Christ reminded us that “Those who live in love live in God and God in them.”

I can’t wait to offer more of these Urban Warrior workshops as this effortless manifestation continues to gather more power and grows naturally.

I hope today you find time for silence, to find out what your own soul wants to gift both yourself and this world, though your own joyful expression.

Thanks to Paul Adapt Harrison for taking these pictures and for you powerful presence you brought brother, it was a joy to meet you 🙂🙏

Much Love,


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