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Placebo or nocebo, pick your mind medicine wisely

I often point to the power of positivity, it links with mind-body medicine and the placebo effect, but it’s also worth remembering it’s opposite, it’s shadow the ‘nocebo effect.’

It really blows me away sometime the spookiness of my mental state at creating both unforeseen positive and negative outcomes depending on my focus and state of being.

For this my life is a great mirror, negative vibration and focus breeds problems in my life, positive vibration and focus does the opposite.

Whatever vibrational state I hold consistently seems to draw in more reasons to ramp that vibration up both good or bad.

Here is a useful article on what the noceebo effect has been seen to be scientifically:

Stay passionate about what you do, love yourself fully as you are, dream, exercise, meditate and be happy, and you’ll start to see life isn’t for or against you. In my experience life the universe and everything is simply responding you your dreams and vibrational state of being.

That there is no road to happiness, peace, love, joy, that those states of being are the road itself.

Now back to my 3 bean pastie, have a beautiful day 😁

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