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Osho Zen Tarot Reading

Do you know I now offer 30 minute Osho Zen Card readings ?

There are a lot of updates now on my website and one is

the expansion of the services I offer under Spiritual Counselling:

As a fully qualified and insured Counsellor, Past Life Regression Therpaist and Soul/Card reader I offer Spiritual Counselling for many life issue around healing and spiritual growth.

This can take many forms, it’s tailor made for your unique situation and needs, and is all carried out in a non-judgmental, calm, and present space.

Session can be offered online and in person

My new 30 minute Osho Zen card readings can give clarity around many life issues or help support you in making decisions, my intuitive card readings can be very powerful at helping you receve clarity around moving forward or gaining deeper insights.

Cost £30

Drop me a message to book yours

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