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My rooms is a mess but my head is clear

There’s a story in the Christian tradition that there are three hermits living in the desert and their master walks in and finds them arguing with each other.

He tells them they might aswell live in the city because unless they have inner stillness even the stillness of nature isn’t that effective.

If our inner being becomes sacred and holy all of life seems to become sacred and holy as it is, but if there is a war raging in our being it feels like eveything around us becomes hostile.

This is for me the real meaning of ‘as above so below.’ Maybe we could word it “as within so without.”

I saw a great Korean Zen master asked where he was going after he dies?

He said “I’m going to hell to open a zen centre, people in hell need to learn to mediate!” He went onto say that when we have heaven within us wherever we are is ok.

I will make my bed tidy, but first I need to make my head and inner being tidy.

So I sit in silence with my spine straight and let go of everything, only witnessing, only watching and returning to emptiness.

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