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Lessons in surrender and the illusion of failure

One of the most powerful tools, said to be the most valuable to the spiritual mystic, is that of freedom from outcome.

Commonly called surrender this is a double edged sword, as some people mistake surrender and say that surrender means do nothing, yet if these people want a cup of tea they dont sit there waiting for it to manifest.

Being British I liken many things to wanting a cup of tea.

To use tea as a metaphor in the way of surrender it goes like this; I want a cup of tea and getting to the cupboard I find there is non.

At this point I find it wise not to fling myself to the floor saying I put in the effort, I had a vision board with tea on it and this happens !!

Nether do I say ah well the universe didn’t want me to have any, instead if I really want tea I go to the shop and get some.

Quite often I finally get to the shop and find the shop has no tea … and I go through the following process for a while … 🤯😱🤬👺

Then walking home tea-less it starts raining heavily, swearing at the universe and the unfairness of it all , I’m forced to take shelter in that other shop I don’t tend to go to as it never looks that inviting and I don’t like the ‘vibe’ of it.

In that shop not only do I find my favourite tea, but this is an Aladdins cave of tea, it’s tea heaven.

At the counter as I pay for the tea the person behind the counter recognises me, and tells me they have a friend interested in booking some work in with me and so I pick up another client.

This is how life seems to work to me and it’s why we shouldn’t get too hung up and deflated towards the results we experience in our endeavours.

Every failed relationship, very failed business venture, very failed something has changed me for the better, brought me closer to some kind of alignment with my soul.

Last night we went to watch the starling murmurations, but when we got to our viewing spot, the starlings where so far away it was hard to see them and I was left wanting for the third time in a row.

This morning I woke up feeling grumpy and disconnected, without the time necessary to vision and connect with my bliss as annoyingly something was drawing me down stairs.

As I sat here silently with my morning coffee, grumpily looking out of my window at the raising sun, around 100,000 starlings flew passed my window over a 5 minute period, silhouetted against the sunrise, dancing in the morning sky.

I was so overcome by bliss and joy that I felt my heart couldn’t contain it, and I had the realisation of the above lesson which I now share with you.

All we have to do is keep moving forward, remain as positive as possible, meet the pleasure and the pain , the crucifixions and the resurrections, realising they are all part of the same game of evolution and expansion.

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This is BEAUTIFUL Graeme. I love how you share your downloads in such a grounded, funny and understandable way. Thank you, thank you, thank you 🙏

Graeme Waterfield
Graeme Waterfield
Dec 16, 2021
Replying to

Lovely to hear from you Jose, thank you for your kind words 🙂🙏

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