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Learning to ‘be’ with yourself

Sometimes the best way to over come a problem is to be left alone with it. And this is a value of being with yourself, in the end it’s just you with you, or to be more accurate, you and your own mind.

In prison this is seen as the worst form of punishment, leaving someone alone in solitary with their own mind, so much so that just this can send people insane.

I’ve loved this time alone, as layer by layer many of my addictions have been stripped away, addictions to information, addictions to being noticed, addictions to stimulation. Addictions to a whole form of distraction … to keeping busy, to box sets, even to spiritual information and books.

This morning I woke with the words of one of my favourite teachers ‘Nigsagasatta Maharaj’ in my mind..

“Is doesn’t matter if your mind is busy or silent, you are not your mind, so just leave it alone.”

I’ve heard this so many times, but I see it now in a new way, I see this buddha nature clearly.

Behind all our addictions we have something pure and beautiful, something already there, unaffected by the drama of our mind, open and ready to be guided by life itself.

Lama Yeshe in the book I spoke about yesterday said that ultimately as a Buddhist Dharma & Meditation teacher his job is first convincing them that they have this nature and then showing them how to discover it for themselves.

What a blessing to have had a few days to re Dis-cover this nature and to let go of this world of thinking again.

I hope you can find some peace and beauty in your life today 🙏

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