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It’s time to break free

Many of us have taken our mind to be real, so when we have an inspired idea about our life, or if we face a hurdle in the pursuit of our dreams and it says “you can’t do that, you are not capable of this, you are unworthy of that.”

We blindly obey, thinking that this thought must be true, but as we meditate and observe our mind we may notice, it’s just a series of echos from our childhood, or maybe it’s playing out some past trauma.

Using meditation as a tool to change your life you have to start with your mindset, learn to observe your mind, first watch it’s thinking. Watch how much power it has over your emotions and your decisions, but then learn that if you are watching it .. then who is watching it?

After a while start to notice that the you can be it’s master instead of its servant, that you can start to programme in new ways of thinking, and even start to choose your emotional states.

This is why Lau Tzu tells us that a true master is someone who has mastered themselves.

Believe me you have a choice, you have a say in your life and once you have this kind of faith in yourself, even the faith of a small mustard seed, as Christ said “if you say move to a mountain it will move.”

Your soul hasn’t come to play a game of mediocrity, it hasn’t come to be limited by your belief in your own limitations. And often when things in our life fall apart if we remain conscious, we may notice that we are simply outgrowing some old comfortable pattern.

Spirituality is about bringing the experience of heaven to earth within your own experience, it’s as much about self awareness as it is about breaking free of the self imposed prison of your existing belief structures.

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