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I really love myself, I hope you love yourself too

Last night having nothing in my diary, I put some candles on, played some meditation music, put the heating up and for 2 hours gave myself a full body massage, followed by some meditation & internal Taoist energy cultivation practises.

Thank goodness I didn’t end up going down the usual unconscious YouTube, Netflix anxious scrolling bubble!

I literally floated to bed and this morning I’m almost too blissed out to type this.

Ahead of us we have another day in which we get to demonstrate new and exciting ways in which we can learn to meet life, to love ourselves and to love life itself.

To love our body, our family, our surroundings and bring some heaven and beauty to the planet. Perhaps in doing so, maybe even make our own life more blissful in the process.

I’m going to go and do some yoga now, have a beauty day 🙂🙏

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