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Heart prayer

I was working with a client recently and during the session we saw the energy of their prayers.

I saw an image of a bird carrying a heavy bag of metal in its beak, it was unable to fly high enough due to the heaviness of this bag. And this is how many of us pray, the bird in this vision represented prayer of the mind.

Prayer of the mind is often a prayer of lack ... carrying the heavy energy of sadness, longing and lack .. I want, I need, please take this away.

For me this type of affirmations seems to lead to more of the experience of the very thing we want to have less of.

Meaning prayers in my own experience could equally be called affirmations, affirmations of need and want seem to creat more need and want.. so ‘I want more peace, love, abundance, happiness!” Seems to lead to more conformation of that so you get even more reasons to need love, peace abundance in a never ending spiral.

Then the vision changed and in second part of this vision was of a beautiful pink flower covered in the pure water droplets of a morning dew, with rain drops falling gently on to its petals.

I was shown that this was prayer of the heart, where instead of the prayer needing to be sent out the grace and energy descended onto it.

This means heart prayer is a joyful affirmation of the beauty, peace, abundance, wellbeing which already is, it’s a prayer of thanks for what already is, a prayer which draws to itself more of itself drawing to it it’s vibrational match.

So when the great mystic Meister Eckhhart told us: “If the only prayer you ever say is thank you, it will be enough.” I believe he saw this too.

Maxi Jazz in one of my favourite tunes ‘reverence,’ said “you don’t need eyes to see you need vision,” Wayne Dyer told us that “we don’t get what we want, we get what we are.”

So many mystics try and share this simple truth of the law of vibration with us, Neale Donald Walsch calls this the “Be, do, have formula.”

In these higher astral realms flowers seem to be an imprortant part of our spiritual symbology, so just to open our heart, to feel higher vibrational fields of joy, peace or happiness can have a powerful effect on our everyday existence.

Drawing in the grace, the vibrational matches to that which is an echo of the daily level of consciousness.

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