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Healing yourself

My teacher used to say “come to god with empty hands, otherwise what can be given to you?”

Over time I’ve come to understand that what this means to me is that one of the first things we need to do is let go of our stuff, our baggage, we need to make space within ourselves for more beauty to emerge.

We need to de-program the human conditions of “I have to earn love, I am not good enough, I am not capable, I am a sinner, bad, unable to change etc.”

But don’t underestimate this part of the journey as most of this is unconscious, this is why we often need spiritual practices to deal with the life triggers which rise to the surface. And it’s why as we master meditation and emotional resilience, and if we want greatness, it can seem like the lessons get bigger.

Rejection, failure, loss .. these are usually our pain triggers, and this baptism of fire I call fierce grace, this grace seems to be necessary to expose those areas of our being which are holding on or fearfully attached to something, a crutch outside of us.

So for example we want to be good person, so all we get is reasons to feel bad, or we want to be confident so all we get is people undermining our confidence.

But the path of mastery is a path of letting go of the need for external validation of greatness, happiness completeness. The paradox being that when you let go of the need for these things you tend to get them because you don’t ‘need’ them anymore.

When we go though those fires of purification it can seem overwhelming, but every time we emerge through them we might start to see their purpose. Just as the Phoenix rises from its own ashes of who it used to be so do we.

So remember:

“You matter.”

“You are loved, just for existing.”

“You are limited by your belief systems about who you are and what you are capable of, and these have been placed on you and aren’t your burden to carry.”

So meditate, yoga, sing, dance.. do what is necessary to let go of your programming, to silence your mind and sooth your emotions.

The more you clear this unconscious data of fear and ‘little me’ the more you can re-write the programme of your life into whatever you want it to be.

Today your invitation is to silence your mind and awaken your heart 💗

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