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Healing to love

After quite a strong month or so, with solitary retreat, shamanic experiences, and now this house move and the opportunity to deepen into my prayer and daily practices this feels like a very sacred time in my life.

My prayer at the moment is a prayer of invitation, as I see how my mind is creating my experience of life I’m asking increasingly for deep psychological healing.

As Rumi stated we are not here to love as that is our nature, but instead to remove the barriers against that love which we hold within us.

Those barries are not barriers to our ability to love, but barriers that stop us becoming love.

And the biggest barrier I can see is that I believe I am ‘me’ and I believe you are you. We live out our stories of who we think we are, what we think life is and those stories have so many limitations, these stories strangle the soul.

Most of the world still believes that guilt and shame are that greats medicine, of defeating our ‘opponent’ through psychological, emotional, verbal, intellectual and physical violence.

But there is another way, the way of healing those parts within us all which view the ‘other’ and even ourselves as a threat, or something which needs to be hated.

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