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Give yourself the gift of the present

As we sit and wait, eventually the sun shines through the clouds by itself

Around 20 years ago I would go into local schools and teach meditation, storytelling and group singing to the children and teachers as part of their PSHE curriculum.

And this is one of the slides I would use from Kung Fu Panda.

These are strange and uncertain times, with so many twists and turns in the story of life.

However as the buddha notices in the Dharmapada “If you want to know who you have become based on your past decisions look to this current moment, if you want to know who you are going to be in the future, look to the decisions you’re making in this current moment.”

Life, all of life, our whole experience is here, now.

Once we can see this, freedom becomes more of our companion, clarity of choice becomes easier.

To have the best future possible have the best moment possible, your whole life has it routes in this moment.

And often all we have to do for clarity is to meet this moment with centered presence, to become deeply still, to free ourselves from the reactive self and to learn to move, talk and respond only when we are clear. For this we can learn to embrace not knowing, just like sitting silently waiting for the clouds to clear until eventually the sun shines through by itself.

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