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Finding the divine in the every day

This coffee shop in New Brighton is one of my favourite meditation halls, it’s where I love to commune with divinity after it opens in the early hours.

So many of us are waiting for that big kundalini awakenings, to become psychic astral light beings, have higher consciousness experiences, welcome the second coming or for all beings on earth finally getting along before we can expense out totality.

I think this is the genuine yearning in the human heart for peace and beauty.

I think this can become however a distraction from the sacredness and simplicity of the imminent aspect of the divine.

According the Christ & Lau Tzu the kingdom of heaven is already in our midst. So maybe bringing heaven to earth isn’t the job of anyone else but us.

Perhaps brining heaven to earth is as simple as a moment to moment decision to become peaceful and more loving both to ourselves and to others people. And to find fulness in everyday existence.

Lau Tzu tell us that people can’t comprehend the Tao, not because it is complex, but because it’s so simple.

We are Tao, we are divine, as far as I can see we are only on a journey of noticing what is already so.

And learning to let go of the self imposed barriers to this simple realisation.

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