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Good morning Morcambe Bay

Not a bad view to wake up to.

Life is good, another day of soul reader training near Morcambe, delivering my first joint training tomorrow with my brother Jay (that was a ridiculously quick manifestation!) and then back home to Glastonbury.

Weird thinking non of this was even a thought a year ago, it gives me more reason to believe that a positive attitude, the decision to love, to serve, to follow our happiness makes for a good life for both ourselves and for everyone else too.

Recently a couple of people have told me privately that these posts help them set up their day.

That makes me so happy, that my morning ramblings have something of a positive effect on some of you.

For some reasons these posts are part of my Dharma, doing them makes me happy, and there feels no feeling of obligation or stress in doing them, in fact not doing them would seem more stressfull.

And as I’m writing this I see someone else filling their dharma, a local resident just picking up litter from this local beauty spot before the world gets up.

I hope you find your dharma, something that brings more light and beauty into the world. I hope you decide to define yourself and others as beautiful and magnificent today.

So here‘s to you, you beautiful, divine, being 🙏💫💖

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