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Excitement is divine energy

I’m really enjoying starting my day in communion with my soul at the moment, writing down guidance about my life and how to live it.

What’s been coming through quite tangibly for the last few days is the importance of following my excitement. As I do this I start to notice a joy in my being, my energy field expands and my heart becomes joyful.

When I practice my Tai Chi my muscles are stronger and my vibration is much more powerful.

I notice the truth in Rumis teaching:

“Respond to every call that excites your spirit. Ignore those that make you fearful and sad, that degrade you back toward disease and death.”

He says that if we don’t follow that which excites us we are more prone to disease (have a weakened immune system) and with the word ‘death’ ,apart from the obvious I think he means a life of no motivation and a sense of purposelessness, literally ‘a living death.’

This has been true in my experience, that when I take time to tune into what excites me I give a voice to my heart. And when I don’t do this I seem to get sicker, don’t have much energy, my sleep patterns become worsened and my business declines.

Excitement literally means that which stimulates the mind and emotions and shares its meaning with the word enthusiasm which has the Latin meaning ‘from God within.’

In our western culture this expression of our divinity, this excitement and enthusiasm is suppressed at childhood and often seen as a negative condition causing us to shut it down or suppress it.

As an energy worker I believe that this suppressed enthusiasm is the route of many peoples anxiety and drug use, that anxiety for many is this divine energy of creation and expression getting trapped behind psychological walls of shame, fear & guilt.

I believe that excitement is the expression of our soul and stillness is it’s foundation and balancing energy.

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