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Draw down the light

Well I’m just setting up this new environment for my online Tai Chi & Qi Gung classes and I was thinking what a full on summer it has been .. quarantine, 7 day work weeks, regularly traveling up to Liverpool and back.. not that I’m complying as I love my life, but for me I need to have down time too for creative thinking.

For me out of the box thinking and insight comes when I’m relaxed and happy.

We know neurologically that this is true as it’s hard to be creative when we are locked into our stress induced fight or flight mechanism.

This is why we can’t in my experience worry our way out of a problem, but we can relax our way out of one.

Insight comes from relaxation, but relaxation isn’t lethargy and tiredness as actually these states can be stressful, instead relaxed awareness needs calm attention and happiness infused together.

Insightful relaxation needs a healthy body, a positive emotional state and a calm and receptive mind. In my experience changing our life is an inside job, where our state of being becomes like a tractor beam drawing in experiences which uphold it.

This is what the Taoists would point to as embodied enlightenment, where this light of pure being is able to find its vibration match within our mind, emotions and body.

To be able to relax into my day in the morning often requires firstly push ups, body weight squats, coffee, stillness practice, Tai Chi and journaling.

And as I do these practices I feel my energy body expand, my mind become clear, my emotional state improve and my body open up.

I fall in love with life again, and as I fall in love with life life seams to respond to me in the same way.

This is the formulae I have found to create a better life for myself.. in essence create a better self for myself, meaning a calmer more joyful state of being.

And it starts by allowing more peace and happiness into our life, starting with even just for a few moments at a time.

This is the beauty of the spiritual path, of training our ability to let go, to ‘be’ love and to feel our connection with something greater than ourselves.

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