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Creating luck

My life each year blows me away, as each year I feel

and I see the trajectory my life keeps changing, keeps expanding, keeps improving. Not thatit’s without it’s challenges, and I’m not saying this to show off, I’m saying it to show you the possibility of changing your life too if you wish.

Am I lucky?


Luck has nothing to do with this and if you think it does you’ve already started disempowering yourself and turning away from your potential.

Because now maybe ‘I’m lucky and your not!’ ‘I have good karma and you don’t!’ ‘life loves me more than you!’

And so welcome back to powerlessness.

Christ wasn’t lying when he said “all of this you are capable of and more.”

We all have, I believe and witness, an unconscious destiny playing out, what in yogic philosophy they call our samskaras or Karmic body.

Some people have the kind of natural destiny toward success, what is called ‘good Karma’ towards fame, success, happiness, but most do not.

So most of us have to work on this, and for changing the trajectory of your life there appears to be various realisations.

First awaken yourself from the dream of your mind, and this is easier than many people think.

In the words of Lao Tzu “to become healed first you have to know that you are sick.”

First you have to witness how much your emotions and your mind controll how you perceive and create your experience of reality.

Slowly in the observing of this, realise that you are not what you are observing, that you have this stillness of witnessing this Buddha Nature which is already free.

And then notice how you can’t hold this for very long before slipping back into the dream of confusion and searching. This is now your journey to figure out how to stop falling asleep again,

Then start to realise as Christ said that “the kingdom of God is within you.” That you have a soul, a place of beauty, wisdom and light which hasn’t been forged in this world but is eternal in its nature.

This kingdom of God within is the soul, the reflection of the moon on the water as it’s called in Buddhism, your own spark of universal light.

The more you see this the more you become ‘Born again of this light’ meaning instead of the operating system of the conditioned self controlling your destiny. You start to actualise yourself and your potential, it seem to me that as you do this, life starts to work for you, and with you more effortlessly.

Christ summarises it this way “first seek the kingdom of god and act from love, then eveything else will be added unto you.”

Stillness is a good starting point but in my experience it is not it, no self is not it either,these are simply preliminary stages of enlightening the self, the seeing though the illusion of the artificial self, the initial stages of changing your operating system.

If I could boil this down it wouldn’t this ...

Get happy, and find and let go of the barriers to that happiness.

Enlighten your whole self, don’t become enlightened in a sick and tired body, in an unfulfilling life, with a turbulent mind and erratic emotions.

Awaken on a thrown of your own making, of beauty and calmness, which is your embodied universal nature, creat a dream of complete self actualisation.

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