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Changing your life is easier than you think

You don’t have to take control of your whole life, as your whole life is very complex.

But if you want to experience more beauty and success, then realise that your whole life, your past and your future meet in this moment that you find yourself in.

Make a success of this moment and you now have your whole life in your hands, you are now conscious and have taken control of your rudder.

Yes it’s that simple!

So meet this moment, the experience you’re having of yourself with friendliness and openness, ‘be’ as you are.

As Zen master Dogen said “if you can’t find truth exactly where you are stood where else do you hope to find it.”

Build up a beautiful and positive relationship with life and with yourself everyday, starting where you are as you are.

Meet your sadness and your bliss with an open and loving heart, shine the light of self acceptance into your darkest states of being, be the light in your greatest states of being.

You only have to light up your life..

‘One moment at a time.’

So relax, open yourself up to what is and know that it’s all here to be experienced, awakened and loved.

For Soul Readings & Zen Tarrot, you can contact me directly or go to my website and join me for Tai Chi & Qi Gung

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