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Celibacy, right conduct and energy cultivation.

When we hear about retaining sexual energy commonly called celibacy in religion, or behaving in certain ways that promote positive mental health.

It is my belief that some unconscious/puritanical people assumed that there must be a judgmental cosmic parent called Buddha or God, who laid these rules down and therefore rewards and punished people accordingly.

But this is not the case on the path of a Yogi (mystic), to a Yogi it’s all about energy cultivation.

So we behave with more compassion, we don’t waste too much life force through stress and worry & work with sexual energy consciously because we are refining this Prana/Ki/Qi energy within ourselves, for the purpose of reaching higher and higher levels of perception & consciousness.

Literally raising our vibrarion from darkness to light from fear to love, from unconscious to consciousness.

The added power of Qi Gung & Tai Chi is that not only are we learning to retain life force energy (Qi), but we are also learning to store and raise this energy for positive physical, emotional & mental health within our own being.

We do this through certain breathwork, life’s style choices, physical movement, and mental focus practises. Literally turbo charging the embodiment of our own divine light.

You can join me for live daily Qi Gung and Tai Chi classes here:

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