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Recently I had given up on my morning channelling, I wasn’t feeling as inspired about my business as usual and I didn’t have the inner clarity and ability to feel the flow of life.

But it’s back again now, it’s amazing how much wisdom a body/mind that is relaxed has, but for a couple of weeks it’s been full on for me.

When my body/mind are too tense there is little receptivity to clarity and I experience the same when they are too tired and lethargic.

We all need to find what the Buddha and the Taoist named the way or the middle path, not too much and not too little. And for this a sense of ease in our being is our great teacher.

So today it’s 9am and I’m only just about to get out of bed, it feels amazing, I feel clear about life, excited about possibility and grateful for what is .

To do this everyday would lead to suffering, this is why our path is unique to us all, the path of not too much and not too little.

I hope you find balance in your life today, just the right amount of work, rest and play.

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