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Becoming the change

When I’m angry I see anger and reasons to be angry everywhere, when I’m joyful it’s the same. Life is often reflecting back to me not what it is, but what I am in any given moment.

If I’m hateful I may show hostility to those around me, making them hate

When I’m peaceful I show peace and kindness to those around me, often helping them feel more at ease and relaxed. I see that Lao Tsu was right when saying “when I was young I wanted to change the world, but now I am old and wise I just want to change myself.”

He realised this formula, that by changing ourselves we change the world, not through force, judgment or hatred, but by becoming the change we wish to see. Our state of ‘being’ is constantly sending ripples out into the collective, constant tipping the scale one way or the other.

Don’t underestimate the choice to relax a little, love a little or to live from your centre, in doing so you take a little bit more tension out of the collective. And influence us all back towards the light a little bit more.

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