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Beauty in every step

If an acorn spends its life thinking it should be an oak treee it will hate itself, it will mis it’s own beauty, and on becoming an oak tree it will realise that the hapiness it feels was there the whole time in every moment of its growth.

This is how many of us experience spiritual awaking, where we awaken to that fact that what we are in every step of the journey is fully divine.

We then might concern ourselves with becoming fully enlightened like a Buddha, but this is to miss the beauty of the process of growth.

And even Buddha-hood I feel is just another step, as I feel we may be on an expanding process of evolution even beyond the physical, through higher and higher dimension of bliss and happiness.

I believe this is why some Zen masters tell us that ‘the journey is the destination,’ meaning there is a journey, but that journey is to be enjoyed in each step, without the anxiety of getting to some perceived end.

Paradoxically when we start to enjoy the journey it seems to start to take us though more beautiful territory and lead to more beautiful and evolutionary experiences.

We find that spiritual life isn’t a work of crucifixion but instead resurrection.

Here is one of the strange paradoxes; to embrace fulness life requires some letting go, to expand and move in a positive direction first we have to find joy in where we already are.

Our job I believe is to find beauty in each and every step.

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