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Awakening the Mind, Healing the heart.

On the path of devotional non duality we are not just awakening our consciousness, but also allowing all the darkness and hatred to be drawn out of our hearts.

We need an awakened, calm and clear consciousness to do this, to see clearly where we are holding resentment, hatred and then offering that into the fire of our own transformation.

The awakened mind is the first step, and then the cleaning of the heart back into pure love is the second.

As Ram Dass noted “I would like my life to be a statement of love and compassion--and where it isn't, that's where my work lies.” ― Ram Dass.

When we see hatred and judgment arise within us on the human level we tend to either push it back down and pretend it isn’t there, as it doesn’t match our spiritual persona. Or we justify it in an attempt to destroy its trigger which we perceive to be outside of us.

But on the path of awakening the heart we own it, we see it and we offer it into the divine fire, we decide we don’t want hatred, fear or judgment anymore, we want to be free.

The causeless love that is left we come to realise is true happiness, it’s the joy of being free of the burden of our own shadows, of fear and the disconnection we feel towards each other and life.

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