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Allowing problems to solve themselves

I noticed in today’s morning practise I was pushing slightly towards feeling good and it wasn’t working in the way it usually does.

I notice that for me every day presents a new puzzle, as if some unseen force says “here you go, let’s see what you can do with this?!”

For this I always have what I call the 3 pillars to fall back on …

1. Remember

2. Surrender

3. Love

Remember is come back to my mindfulness practise, for me this is predominantly japa, the silent repetition of a mantra.

Surrender is, I find ways to ‘let go’ to fall willingly into the flow of existence.

Love is obvious, I choose love and find out how to come back to that love.

Sitting in silence is often the best medicine for many of us, as it allows us to rediscover how attacking we are being towards something, someone, ourselves or just life in general.

So today we have a new meeting with reality, perhaps some unexpected pleasure or sorrow, lightness or heaviness, but as Rumi states … “meet them all at the door with a smile and welcome them in.”

It’s often our resistance to the moment which makes it more uncomfortable than it needs to be, when Christ surrendered his soul into his crucifixion he passed though it.

In Taoism this is the law of opposites.

So if we can meet today’s puzzle with awareness, without fear, sometimes the mystery unravels by itself and we realise that the only problem was the one we thought existed, that we had created a temporary shadow that faded away in the light of our own awareness.

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